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Virus Removal

If your computer is infected. Please call us at 02 46207091.

What is virus and how to avoid computer viruses?

Computer user should keep safe for its programs and personal files from viruses regardless s/he has latest antivirus or internet security suite. Here is brief information for beginners about viruses avoiding big jargons.


Firstly see what is virus. Virus is a Program too but does naughty things designed criminal mind computer professionals. These viruses harm your programs, computer operations or data like documents, pictures and movies.

Is my computer infected?

These are the few symptoms when your computer is infected.

  • Your computer is very slow.
  • Your Windows is not booting properly.
  • You get clear message about Virus and they ask you buy Antivirus with your credit card number.
  • Your programs are not coming up or data is missing.

Virus Sources?

One thing for sure, viruses come from outside. Those don’t grow in your computer. So possible external sources are given below.

Now we see what are the sources of viruses and how can they cause the virus infection?

USB Memory CDs

Always make sure that USB or CDs are virus free and come from known sources. Before you use any disk, scan it through your Antivirus program. Specially, games disks are infected viruses.


Do not open any suspicious files or e-mail attachments which come from unknown website. No company ask credit card details, login, password and other private information through email. So never share them via email.


Every computer got 65 thousands of doors to communicate with other computers through Internet/Network. Where you only need few to communicate like Email exchange, web page download, skype use, MSN need one of the doors. Rest need to be shutdown. To do so, firewall programme is required which is supplied by Windows as well as every Internet Security software suite.

Keep your Antivirus software updated to avoid newly developed viruses.


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