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DVD RW Replacement

We have solution for DVD RW Replacement.

Due to excessive use of laptops in our daily life, it is common for the DVD RW optical drives to wear out or break. Some common reasons for this are;

  1. Dirt and / or dust inside the drive.
  2. Laser inside drive gets damaged.
  3. Drive motor to open and close the drive door stops working.
  4. Excessive heat environments
  5. Lens gets scratched 
Notebook Solutions have replacement drives starting at $15.00 if you need a CD-Drive and if you need something better then the cost will increase.

If your DVD-ROM drive is not recognizing that there is a disc in the drive or your CDs are skipping, it is time to clean the DVD-ROM drive. Clean your DVD-ROM drive every 3 months to make sure it is free of dust, hair and other debris. Cleaning your DVD-ROM drive regularly will lengthen the life of the drive and your DVDs. For more information on how to clean your drives click here.

Optical Drive / Lens cleaning kits are also available now at Notebook solutions.

You can bring to our service location or send via post/courier as per instructions given here. Otherwise, just ring us on phone number/ email us using contact details given here. We will provide you solutions.

Even If you need just need the part, ring us on phone number/ email us using contact details given here.

If you want we can come to you. See our onsite services details.


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