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Dead/ Flat Battery

What is a battery?
A power source peripheral in the laptop which stores the power while you are using power adapter to provide power to your laptop. Later on battery provides the power to your laptop when power adapter is not providing the power to your laptop.

How it works?
The battery charges up whilst plugged into the power point and discharges as needed when no power is available. If the battery is not used for a period of time, it will discharge by itself over time.

How much is Battery life?
Battery life is determined by Volts x Ampare = Watt / hr rule. By the nature of technology. Battery life decreases over the period. Normally, 300-500 charge and discharge cycles. From experience, 2 year is average life batteries.

How much does it cost?
Replacement batteries start from $80. Most of the cases we have the genuine batteries but some models only have replacement batteries available. Call us at 02 46207091 to see if your model is in stock.

How to care for your battery?

  • Power Control: Use as little power as possible by adjusting laptop power settings.
  • Turn down lights: Adjust the display brightness to a lower setting.
  • Charging it up: Whenever you have access to a power source, charge the battery.
  • Drain the battery: The first time you use your laptop with battery power, allow the laptop battery to completely discharge.
  • Clean batteries: Keep the battery and its connections clean and free of debris.
  • When not in use: Its best to completely remove your battery from the laptop if you are not going to use the laptop for more than a month. But should charge it once in 2 months to keep it alive.

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