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Data Recovery

Notebook Solutions provide range of data recovery services for Laptops. Our services come with FREE Quote.

List of Charges (Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Only)

Back up Charges

Before doing operation, please back up your data if you can. If you can't we can do for you on following rates.

  • Upto 1GB ~ $25 includes the cost of DVD
  • More than 1GB and Less than 4.5GB ~ $50 includes the cost of DVD
  • More than 4.5GB ~ $75 or $1/ GB. e.g. 79GB back up will cost you $75. You need to provide your own disk for that size.

Software Recovery –  $75
For example, Windows does not boot due to error messages, or blue screen errors, cant find ntldr file, or boot.ini.

Software Data Recovery – $299.99

  • Damaged or deleted partitions,
  • Damaged file table,
  • Deleted files that were also emptied from recycle bin
  • Recovering, accidentally reformatted hard disk.

Bad sector data recovery  (complex) $524.99

  • Disk Speed is very Slow
  • Disk Stuck Sometimes on certain files which would normally read quickly,
  • Disk gives noise with problem to access some files.

Hardware Problem            $499.99

  • The hard disk may not power up,
  • Bios reports different messages model number

The stated times for the various data recovery types can vary due to causes beyond our control such as parts availability.


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