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Data Backup

In your computer your personal data containing all of your documents, photos, music and videos are invaluable. We see many people loose all their data through hardware or software faults and Data Recovery costs can be very expensive.

We highly recommend doing regular backups using an External USB Hard drive to backup all your information and data. External USB Hard drive's are available from Notebook Solutions and start at $30.00.

You can also backup data to blank DVD discs and flash drive / USB memory which are also available from Notebook Solutions.

Free Backup Software

We recommended software called 'AutoVer' to use with your External Hard drive to backup all your information.

Thanks to AutoVer's simple approach to backing up files, novice users will find it to be an exceptional tool for protecting their files.

Once activated, its user interface has very straightforward commands for adding and deleting files you want to watch and backup when needed.

Click here to download and try AutoVer backup for yourself.


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